Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Tempoe Doloe

tempoe doloe, originally uploaded by dephie.

one month anniversary..

never imagine finally i enter this step
having my own family
having my soulmate
having great life
having extraordinary journey


Thursday, June 22, 2006

my birthday...

june 18th, i celebrated my Bday @ Ibu Kos' House.. bought tart cake and ate them all.. we had great time there..

ughh udh 25 tahun niy.. baanyak harapan dan doa2.. tp doa tahun ini agak sedikit berbeda dgn yg lalu2, " semoga keluarga baruku selalu berada dalam bimbingan & lindungan 4JJl SWT" Amiinn


Tuesday, June 20, 2006

my turn, left my hubby 4 WORK!!!

june 17th, 1 day before my bday (being 25th & OLD), i left my chubby hubby for WORK.. gosh, even i hate left my hubby, mostly i hate working @ weekends.. should be my free time, right!!

but never mind, @ least i knew how pitiful it was.. and the only one who ever cross in my mind was my hubby.. damn it, i do love him!!

from 8pm till 6am.. we had planned that saturday night we would spent d day 2gether.. celebrate my 25th bday.. then it's totally blew out.. no party, no romantic dinner..

i was too exhausted that day.. come home with no energy.. must recharge-my-energy!!! came home, then directly went 2 BED..

i wake up @ 2am, coz some of friends texted me saying happy bday.. looked my hubby beside me, had slept beautifully.. i made him wake up, then asked him " why u dont give me congratulations in my bday". he didnt notice me.. GOD!!! it's ur revenge hunny..

but that morning, he said, i'd said happy bday 2 u at 0'clock, but u'r 2 tired 2 aware.. then he gave me a MIXER .. lovely gift..

~ psstt, dia lupa, buat apa beli mixer klo ga punya alat buat matengin kue ~ dia menjawab: bikin kue yg bisa digoreng!!!~


Monday, June 19, 2006

istri kulo ingkang ayu lan pinter

woro-woro, sugeng enjang, siang kagem sederek-derek ingkang ningali utowo maos niki. sakderengipun kulo ngaturaken selamat ultah kagem istri tercinta kulo (dephi), mugi-mugi tambah sayang kalian kulo, tambah bektinipun kagem keluarga, lan negara, sampun kesupen kalian pesenipun ibU mertua mugi-mugi cepet gadah momongan nek saget cewek (request) he3.
komentar kulo kagem istri, piyambak ipun istri ingkang pinter masak, rajin solatipun lan tasih katah.pokoke intinipun kulo sayang banget kalian jenengan istriku. cekap semanten saking kulo. luv u


Thursday, June 15, 2006

a PrettY Surprise

Have U got any Surprise??
I've got it on Monday June 12th when it arrived @ my office.
that morning, a courier came 2 my office room, he brought a packege for s'one in my office, in order 2 Dewi. Everybody said, who's Dewi??

coz nobody knew that name, the packege was sent 2 Public Relation Room. Then, we looked thorough d package, it's written : Ny Anton Setyo (Dewi), hwaaa " is it for me??" LOL

my friend signed d receipt 4 me coz i still did my work.. then Mbak Santy yelled, " Dep, isinya DVD Player". I said " Boong lo Mbak". she replied, " Bener, ini ada tulisannya".

So i run into Mbak Santy, then took over d receipt, it's written ' ISI : DVD Player'. Damn, it's really pretty surprise!!

im cry a little.. THX u gurls 4 that very sweet surprise. just little before it came, i chatted with Mbak Santy that im planning 2 go to SBY on August 17th just 2 buy DVD players.. " Niat banget kan mbak". Gosh, my dream comes true..Cihuyyyyy...

then, i told my hubby that Della-M'Utie-Udin-Dita sent us DVD Player. want 2 know what my hubby said 2: that's why Della called me yesterday.. hwaaa U keep a secret from me hunny!! Good job sista, u took my hubby in ur side..

i dunno what 2 say gurls.. damn it, i have no enough words 2 say thx bunch 4 everythings.. miss u all badly!!!

I'll Always Be There
In times of trouble,
In times of need,
If you are feeling SAD,
You can count on me.
I will give you a wink,
Until you smile,
give you a hug,
And stand by your side.
I'll be there for you till the end,
I'll always and forever, be your friend!
(taken from milist)


Damar, I miss u much

This morning, Mrs Lastono texted me.. hwaa how couldnt I miss her n d fams after all.. long time not chit chat with her.. talk bout everything.. jokes with her husband.. play wih her son, DAMAR.. how beautiful it was..

I knew her from her husband, Mr Lastono, my kindhearted, fussy and hospitable boss when I worked in Ungaran. However, he never acted as my Boss, he acted as my bestfriend and my father.. so wise guy. He teach me everything, sing me a song, take me 2 travelling, told me bout 'crazy' things, ha3.. so kind.. really not a strict boss type.

Then, I knew Mrs Lastono or Mrs Febri. She’s totally out of my mind.. very friendly and lovely.. nice woman.. truly best-friend.. someone who’s easy 2 talked with.. even she’s my wife’s boss, but she has not create gap between us.. they’re both very GREAT combination..

I miss them much..
Looking forward 4 ur coming 2 Balikapapan guys..


Wednesday, June 14, 2006

it's CRAB!!!

gara2 mbak santy cerita dia dan om gendut beli kepiting di pasar DAM sekilo cm 10rb, hwaa jd pengen deh..

berusaha membujuk my hubby (yang lagi alergi seafood) buat beli kepiting di pasar sepinggan dengan beberapa imbalan (he3 hiperbolic), akhirnya success juga.. thx lots beib.. horeeee...

pulangnya langsung deh tanpa ampun smua kepiting2 itu masuk ke panci.. my hubby yg katanya alergi bela2in makan habis kepiting2 yg super pedes dengan alasan klo dikit kan ga papa (*dikit apanya, org diabisin gt kok)..

ah puasnya kesampean makan kepiting..


My hubby got several allergies

since d dotor judged my hubby that he has allergies 2 several food an tooth paste, i confused what should i made 4 eating.. he cant eat chicken and seafood (gosh, here's a seafood heaven).. so, i decided 2 cook PINDANG IGA 4 him.. ugh, my family really loves this food.i used 2 eat it till my tummy full, i cant imagine i could make it 4 my hubby NOW.. thx GOD..


My dinner menu..

i'd made sweet sour chicken 4 our dinner. actually it's so simple, but i've had remember how coz last time i made it when i was in university. puiiihh!!! dont ask bout d taste, but my food tester (my hubby) said, " hmm ENAK..


- ayam ( lumuri dengan bumbu halus: bawang putih, jahe, garem)
- bawang Bombay
- bawang putih
- saus tomat
- kecap inggris
- gula, garam
- margarine


- ayam digoreng dulu sampe ½ mateng
- trus panasin margarine, tumis bawang Bombay, bawang putih sampe harum.
- Masukin saos tomat, ayam, kecap inggris, gula, garam.
- Aduk sampe wangiiii dan ayam mateng
- Abis itu angkat, siap dimakan. Hmm yummy

happy eating!!


Friday, June 09, 2006

Welcome weekend!!!

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hmm thx GOD it's friday..

have lots plans with my hubby what we gonna do on weekend..

spent every little minutes with him is purely miracle & gift..

cant hardly wait 4 2morrow..

have a great rocking weekend!!!


Monday, June 05, 2006

My Hubby Left Me..


for d 1st time in my marriage, i spent my weekend myself.. coz my hubby went 2 his office 4 extra works.. damn it!!

when he's in d office, i was trying 2 make foods 4 him, as a compensation being a (passive) NCC member.. ha3..

actually, so many plans i wanna do in my kitchen.. i've had lots of tools 4 cooking.. like a professional cheff i enjoy my new hobby : COOKING..

in same time, ibu kos and bangkit-wiki gave us BLENDERs, whats a surprise.. i really long 4 it.. dreams come true, and it came double!!
thx lots guys, owe u so much!!

after all, my hubby promises me oven and mixer, hmm we'll c, beib!!

so during my free ( n lonely) time, i made 'patin steam', spinach, fried tempes, fried rice ( 4 breakfast), bawal roasted, so on..

but my hubby hadnt come till it finished.. huh!!

~ hate being lonely~


The Journey

Today two hearts,
two lives, will begin as one,
They will say their vows,
and say I DO,

They will seal it with a kiss,
and their life together has begun,
Forever bound, forever true,
Together through this journey of love,
They must learn to cherish, comfort, and trust each other,
Put their love, their friendship, in GOD above
Work together, day by day,help one another,
They work to build a life, a home, a family,
Together forever is their destiny,
Together in loves journey....

by GK Palmer